Our goals

  • financial, educational, and other forms of support for the development of feature film coproductions with Russian co-producers
  • aid in the production of various high-quality coproductions with high potential for theatrical distribution in Russia
  • strengthening the film production infrastructure of St. Petersburg, creating new jobs in the film industry, preventing a “brain drain” of highly qualified personnel
  • promoting St. Petersburg as a cinematographic hub in Russia and abroad

*Eligible for support are coproductions  (feature films) with a Russian co-producer acting as major / delegate producer. The projects must have strong distribution potential or global film-festival potential. In the event of a project being approved for financial support, it must be repaid on the fist day of shooting (if any).

Participation requests

  • Must be submitted before the deadline in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated in the request form. Requests must be filed in English and Russian, and must be signed by each co-producer.
  • The responsibility for filing the request lies with the Russian co-producer responsible for financing, who distributes the requested sum in accordance with the co-production structure.
  • The request must meet the requirements as stated on the official request form. It must contain the following:
    • a script or treatment in Russian and English;
    • a synopsis in Russian and English;
    • a schedule of project development;
    • the project development’s budget;
    • financial plan of the project’s development.

Terms and Conditions for Support and Selection Criteria

  • Financial support is provided exclusively for projects of high artistic value, which further the realization of the Fund’s goals. The Fund does not support projects that could be used for creating audiovisual content that may violate the Constitution or other laws of the Russian Federation.
  • Financial support can be provided for the development of feature films intended for theater distribution at least in Russia and the country of  the co-producer.
  • Producers may request support of up to 1,000,000 RUB, which is the maximum sum allotted per project. The amount of financial support may not exceed 80 percent of the producer’s share in financing the project development.
  • The financial support is typically paid to the producer in three stages: 60 percent after signing the subsidy agreement, 30 percent after submitting a complete script (or meeting other conditions of the agreement), and 10 percent after the final expense report has been agreed upon.
  • The financial support is provided in the form of an interest-free loan, which is to be returned in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement. The loan is to be returned on the first day of shooting, unless the agreement specifies otherwise.
  • The Russian producer is to be the administrative recipient of the financial support.


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